Destination: Everest Region

The Everest Region is a mecca for trekkers and mountaineers, offering the opportunity to experience the world’s highest mountain up close. The region is also home to the newly discovered Pikey Peak Trek, offering an alternative to the crowded base camp trek with its own breathtaking views of the Himalayas and chance to explore local culture. Trekkers can expect to pass through lush forests, traditional Sherpa villages, and high altitude passes. The region is also popular for mountain biking, offering a unique way to beat the crowds and explore the region.

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Everest Enduro

Join us on an exhilarating mountain biking journey through the newly discovered Pikey Peak in the Everest region. Experience the beauty of the Himalayas, taste local cuisines, and observe rare plants and animals as you bike through lush valleys and forests. Stop at Thupten Choling Monastery to observe Buddhist rituals and chants, and take in…

Activity Destination 10 Days

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Everest Odyssey

Embark on a Journey of a Lifetime to Everest. Everest Odyssey is one of the most challenging and rewarding trekking adventures in the world, offering stunning views of the highest peak on Earth and a glimpse into the culture and way of life of the local Sherpa people. Along the way, trekkers will pass through…

Activity Destination 14 Days

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