Our mission is to promote the Nepal section of the Great Himalaya Trail in the national and international area, showcase the unparalleled potential of mountain biking in the Nepal Himalayas, and bring to light climate change related challenges faced by people of the surroundings.

Primary Objectives

Climate Change & Glacial Awareness

First hand continuous footage of all major passes across the Nepal Himalayas will provide invaluable resource for awareness campaigns highlighting effects of climate change such as depletion of glaciers and formation of new glacial lakes.

GHT Promotion & Product Development

Planning and executing ride across the entire GHT high route will enable development of specific mountain biking GHT Trips, promotion of GHT high and low routes as premier adventure destinations, and design of all season trekking and biking itineraries across the Nepal HIMALAYAS.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power and importance of local communities in the maintenance of trails, safeguarding of natural resources and wildlife, and rising to build socio-economic resiliency towards fighting the uncertainties and challenges of climate change. We will also work with local communities to develop tourism products serving mountain villages across the GHT.

Products & Outcomes

GHT on Wheels Documentary

We will produce an hour long documentary showing Mangal’s journey across the GHT, challenges, and inspirational moments.

Adventure & Climate Awareness Films

We will produce several short (~ 5 minutes) films on different sections of the GHT, Mangal’s ride on the GHT, and glaciers and effects of climate change in the Nepal Himalayas.

GHT on Wheels Memoir

Mangal will write a personal memoir of the trip based on recorded daily audio diaries during the trip, the career steps and personal experiences leading up to the trip, and goals and mission of GHT on Wheels.

GHT Promotion & Tourism Development

We will develop itineraries covering different GHT sections for mountain biking and adventure tourism across the Nepal Himalayas. We will work with partners to develop eco-tourism products across the GHT, and engage with local governments and community members.

Media & Institutional Outreach

We will screen GHT on Wheels documentary and short films in adventure and short film festivals in Nepal and abroad. We will work with partner schools, colleges and universities and run awareness campaigns and film screening.

Himalayan Schools Resource Mapping

We will work with local communities to map all schools in villages nearby the GHT high route, create a database of school resources, and make the data available to all concerned stakeholders.