Great Himalaya Trail on Wheels

Mangal Lama is the first person to successfully solo-ride the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) on a mountain bike. The GHT is a 1,700km route in the Nepal Himalayas that is considered one of the most epic hiking routes in the world. In April 2022, Mangal completed the journey in 88 days as part of his project called “GHT on Wheels.” In addition to the personal challenge, Mangal’s project aimed to improve education, promote lesser-known areas of Nepal for tourism, and raise local incomes. Mangal is now leading mountain biking adventures on the GHT and designing adventure programs at El Yak.

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El Yak Adventures

El Yak, established in 2013, is a leading adventure and mindful tourism company that specializes in mountain biking, immersive travel study, and mindful trekking trips in the Nepal Himalayas. Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism and bring positive benefits to local communities through our partnerships with local guides and community members. Our team consists of expert adventure guides, educators, community workers, and researchers with a passion for empowering local communities, addressing climate change, and promoting mindfulness and wellbeing.

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Activity Destination 14 Days

Thorung Thrill


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Everest Enduro


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Shangri-La Enduro


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Mustang Odyssey


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Caravan Quest

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