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Phoksundo Dho Tarap Circuit Trek

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Explore the majestic high alitude Phoksundo lake (3610 m/11,840 ft.), the surrounding Shey-Phoksundo national park, and the hidden lands of Dolpo in this exclusive trekking and cultural tour. Starting with a cultural tour of Buddhist places and pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu valley for Dolpo people, we learn about the history, lifestyle and culture of the people who call our tour’s destination home before setting off on our trekking and cultural adventure in the Dolpo region. We begin our trekking adventure the following day with a flight to Juphal. After 3 days of moderate trekking, we climb up to Ringmo village, where we stay at a local homestay overlooking Phoksundo lake. We then head towards Dho Tarap valley for a 6 day homestay retreat in Dho, Tokyu and Kalang villages. On the way, we climb two mountain passes (Numa La and Baga La; “”La”” == pass) over 5000 m/16,400 ft enjoying great scenery on the way through forests and trails overlooking otherworldly landscape of the trans-Himalayan region, of which Dolpo is a part. After reaching Dho Tarap valley, we will explore the local cuisine and lifestyles by staying in local houses, visit the various Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the region, interact with various community members (teachers, students, monks, traditional Tibetan healers), and explore the beautiful villages of Dho, Tokyu and Kalang which are all nestled at the lap of mountains. With 12 days of trekking and 10 days of day hikes/cultural tours and local homestay, this El Yak exclusive tour is designed to give you the most authentic touring experience in Dolpo while ensuring that the local economy is benefitted directly through the hiring of local guides, stay in homestays or teahouses instead of camping (which is what majority of travellers in the region do), and tourism promotion of the region. Secure your booking today!



This exclusive mindful trek takes you to the majestic Phoksundo Lake and the surrounding Shey-Phoksundo National Park in the hidden lands of Dolpo. The journey begins with a cultural tour of Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu Valley, followed by a flight to Juphal and 3 days of moderate trekking to Ringmo Village. You then stay in a local homestay and head towards Dho Tarap Valley for a 6 day homestay retreat in Dho, Tokyu and Kalang villages. On the way, you climb two mountain passes over 5000m/16,400ft, enjoying great scenery through forests and trails. During the retreat, you explore the local cuisine and lifestyle, visit Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, interact with community members and explore beautiful villages.

  • Retreat and community homestay in Ringmo overlooking the majestic Phoksundo lake
  • Twelve day trekking through Shey-Phoksundo national park and high altitude valley of Dho-Tarap in Dolpo
  • Cross two passes (Numa La and Baga La) over 5000 m/16,400 ft
  • Twenty days of local stay (and cultural tour) including nine day homestay in Ringmo, Tokyu, Dho, and Kalang villages
  • Mindfulness and meditation sessions with local Buddhist monks in Tokyu and Dho


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